Porter Novelli


Over forty-five years ago, Jack Porter and Bill Novelli opened our doors – and people’s eyes and minds – with a company driven by the idea that the art of communication could advance society.

They looked for clients willing to find their purpose – and in doing so, achieved better results than they thought possible. Today, we continue to build that bridge between business imperatives and cultural goals.  We inspire brands to think higher. To make a difference. To leave a legacy. To create a movement.

We’ve been transforming behavior since 1972.  Porter Novelli is one of the world’s leading Public Relations Agencies. With over 90 offices in nearly 60 countries, we deliver best-in-class service to clients around the globe.

As the Agency that pioneered Social Marketing, Porter Novelli’s heritage is grounded in motivating people to change deeply ingrained behaviors that are rooted in cultural and social norms. We have been able to achieve this by identifying and activating against key insights that drive transformational change going beyond just solving a problem. The result is greater than just influencing people:  we make them believe. With practice groups in Health and Wellness, Consumer Brand Marketing, Food and Nutrition and Technology, we serve a wide range of clients including HP, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, the Almond Board of California, McDonald’s, Sony, The Walt Disney Company and many more.